How To Make NACLO2 Part A The G2CU Easy Way!

Tools and supplies

0-200 g scale, NACLO2, distilled water, 200 ml beaker, 100 ml beaker, pipette, plastic spoon, 4 oz bottle. See the exact instructions below.

Step 1.

Turn on the scale and set it to grams Place the 200g / ml beaker on the scale and tare.

Step 2.

Measure out 45 g of sodium chlorite (NACLO2) flakes or powder then remove it from the scale.

Step 3.

Place a 100 g / ml beaker onto the center of the scale and tare. Then pour in 100 g / ml of distilled water. Remove it and heat it to the touch. You may skip heating.

Step 4.

Pour it into the 200 g / ml beaker containing the sodium chlorite flakes.

Step 5.

Stir until completely dissolved and clear.

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To test, tare a 100 ml (or larger) beaker and then add 100 ml of the solution.

(Check the weight as it should weigh between 120 and 124g)

All of the NACLO2 solution should fit into a 4 oz / 120 mL dropper bottle.

Label it as Part A NACLO2.

Each Thursday we take you by the hand and make it with you. Our goal is to show every person on earth how to make and use this low-cost water purification kit. Billions of people have used this and then magically became disease-free because of simply drinking clean pure water. The body heals/cures itself.

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